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You have to support your team no matter what, or it’ll come back to sting you in the ass. Literally, in the case of Leeds United fan Dan Berry.

“The game was about 70 minutes in and Leeds were having loads of chances but wasting them all,” Berry told reporters. That’s when he tweeted a downtrodden promise to immortalize striker Tyler Roberts eating ice cream with a tattoo on his rear end in the unlikely event they scored.

A goal “isn’t happening,” he despaired, but happen it did. That put Leeds in “the top of the Championship” after “leveling the scores” in “the Equaliser”…? Those are contradictory terms, and soccer is weird, y’all.

But it was great news for Leeds fans — especially for Dan Berry, who got a surprising call-out from Tyler Roberts and his Magnum bar:

To his credit, Berry never blinked, replying that he’d follow through:

And the official Leeds United Twitter account will be making sure that he does:

“I expected a lot of fans to come across the tweet and retweet it but I wasn’t expecting Roberts and the club to come across it,” Berry said. “Like me, my mates are a bit surprised by what is going on so I’ve had a lot of messages.”

If Berry takes the pain of the needle like a champ, maybe Roberts will take him out for ice cream afterward.