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Here at Inked we don't have a ton of strict editorial policies as we prefer to fly by the seat of our pants at all times. But there are a few hard rules that must be followed. 

1. Don't post pictures of crappy tattoos unless they are staggeringly funny.

2. If a celebrity (that we like, or at least don't despise) gets a new tattoo, we're gonna blog about it. 

3. If there is a tattoo bet between celebrities and one of them welches on it, we have to publicly shame them. 

And it's Rule #3 that necessitated the following article. Prior to their much publicized boxing match, Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul bet that the loser of the match would have the other's name tattooed somewhere on their body. Paul even went so far as craft a set of rules to be followed: 

Now, we all know Paul's penchant for talking a massive amount of shit. It's pretty much his calling card. But as you can see from the very first reply to the tweet, Woodley was on board.

Paul was so confident going into the fight that he made sure to have a tattoo artist on hand, the highly esteemed Tatu Baby. Once we saw that the fight ended with a split decision victory for Paul we started obsessively checking the social media accounts of all three, eager to see that fresh ink. But, as you probably already guessed, the tattoo never materialized. Tatu Baby packed up her machines and flew back to Miami without even putting on her gloves. 

There was a glimmer of hope that maybe Woodley was just taking his time getting the tattoo. Nobody wants to sit down and get a tattoo shortly after going the distance in a boxing match, but now it looks like it's never going to happen. 

"I'm over it," Paul told ESPN. "I'm leaving Tyron in the past. He didn't live up to the bet—he didn't get the tattoo. So, the rematch just doesn't make sense anymore. If he would have gotten the tattoo right away, got 10 million views on his Instagram video, [then] everyone would have been super hyped, there would have been a ton of press around it. I would have been sort of forced to do it. I couldn't really deny him then, because if he's going to be a man of his word, then I have to be a man of my word. So, he fucked up. He missed out on another big payday because of his ego."

We couldn't possibly care less about seeing another fight between these two, but you have to live up to your word on this. People get hilarious tattoos every single year for losing their fantasy football leagues and they don't have the pressure that comes with agreeing to the bet in front of millions of eyeballs. 

Simply put, Woodley needs to do the right thing and get the damn tattoo. Some would make the argument that Woodley did enough to win the fight and it was a lousy decision, but that's boxing. Using that as an excuse to welch on the bet is pathetic. C'mon Tyron, you may have lost a boxing match to a Disney star but have a little dignity and get that ink.