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Is there life on outer space? Man has been perplexed by this question centuries. I wish I could give you an answer to the question, but if I knew that chances are that I wouldn't be writing this article. I'd be chillaxing on an alien starship traveling as far away from this dumpster fire that we call Earth. 

Getting back to the previous question, if extraterrestrials were to contact us they'd probably show up with some pretty sweet spaceships. As people have imagined this over the years, many believe that they have seen these spaceships. But without proof, people claim that they have witnessed an unidentified flying object, or UFO. 

Sometimes there are obvious explanations—weather balloons are a common culprit—but other times there is no easy answer. It's just... unexplained. It's enough to drive people to obsession. Tom DeLonge quit his quite successful band to look into the matter... and it turned out he actually found some real evidence that couldn't be easily explained away by science. 

The hunt for proof of UFOs turned this gentleman into what could be the best meme of all time. Not to mention, the success of "Ancient Aliens." 


There's something so intriguing about the idea of UFOs, even when one considers that aliens most likely wouldn't be super friendly. I'm just saying, why would you come all this way to make new friends? I don't even like having to make new friends at work, it's such a pain in the ass. I certainly wouldn't fly in a seemingly cramped saucer for years to hang out and eat some Reese's Pieces. 

Yet, still, UFOs are pretty damn cool. Since, as far as we know, they are imaginary, artists can go hog wild and make some really interesting creative choices. In the gallery below you'll find some truly inventive looking UFOs. Some are so good that it makes you wonder if maybe, just maybe, the artist had been in touch with some folks from above.