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By: Sabrina Dropkick

Most of us who’ve sat beneath a tattoo machine long enough have experienced the threshold of pain that is eventually surpassed when the session goes beyond a few hours. With time, the gnawing slice and scrape of the needles suddenly morph into a meditative buzz almost like a tiny (but still kind of annoying) massager. You develop a tolerance for the feeling and your body responds by minimizing that particular sensation. Well, did ya know that the same thing can happen to your vagina?


It’s not that big of a deal, really, but it is possible to rub yourself raw, as it were, whether with your own rough hand or the increasing speeds of a vibrator. After frequent use, it can seem like you’ve lost sensitivity and you just don’t get off like you used to. In all actuality, there can be many reasons why a person’s vagina may seem to lose sensitivity, like biomedical causes or trauma for instance, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for frustratingly dull pleasure when you want it.

Meet: The pussy pump. This easy-to-use, affordable, and effective device is simply the shit. While lots of folks are freaked out by the look of temporarily enlarged lips and clit, I’m here to tell you—get [the fuck] over it. For real. Because the sensations that a pumped-up-puss can experience are unlike anything your un-pumped mind will ever comprehend.

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If you know anything about penis pumps, then you’ll already understand the logistics of a pussy pump. They work the same way in that a pussy pump also creates suction around the entire genital region in order to generate pressure that promotes blood flow to the area—this is why any pumped-up body part becomes temporarily enlarged, because it’s full of blood. Not only does this growth create easy access to pleasure points like the clit, but it makes the entire vulva super sensitive—the clit, the labia, the vagina, and literally every inch of flesh that the pump has encompassed. Pumping on its own can actually be a very pleasurable activity that can sometimes even help with the production of natural lubrication. (No matter what, though, lube is always your friend!)

The pussy pump is truly the unsung hero of the sex toy shop. Whether alone or with a partner, for internal or external stimulation, for function or accentuation, for small or large bodies, for simple use or the tech savvy—literally anyone with a vagina has a use for a pussy pump and there’s a pussy pump for every vagina!

Writer’s Bio: Sabrina Dropkick is a writer, educator, and organizer from Van Nuys, CA by way of Philadelphia. She has worked in the sex industry for 8 years in a variety of roles from administrative to performance and now calls Jimmyjane her 9-5 home. She is passionate about empowerment, self-expression, and community wellness, which she implements through local LA events like HOUSE Open Mic, San Fernando Valley Zine Fest, and her new Take Back Fat! workshop. A master's candidate in community psychology, she is currently completing her thesis study on body image and self-empowerment. Follow her on Instagram @sabrinadropkick.