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Surprise tattoos are my absolute favorite. There's nothing better than showing off a tattoo that's in plain sight and shocking everyone you know. And one of the best places to hide a sneaky tattoo is under the chin. Under the chin tattoos have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years and they were even showcased on an episode of "Ink Master." They're kind of a tough spot to tattoo, as your client has to bend their neck back into a somewhat uncomfortable position. But, the end result is pretty spectacular.

There are plenty of exciting and unique ways to go about an under the chin tattoo. First, you could go subtle with some light dotwork. Or you could catch eyes left and right with big and bold blackwork. Although this is somewhat of a unique spot, you're able to ink a variety of different designs—from butterflies to ornamental designs to script, the limit does not exist.

If you've been considering getting an under the chin tattoo, look no further for inspiration. Take a peek at 55 unbelievable under the chin tattoos from talented tattoo artists around the world. Then let us know if you'd consider getting one of these tattoos in the comments section on social media.