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A few years ago, Sophia Hadjipanteli looked like any other blonde haired, blue eyed aspiring model. However, today this 21-year-old University of Maryland student is anything but ordinary. 

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Instead of spending time and money maintaining coiffed brows, Hadjipanteli has let his hair grow naturally and fully embraces a bushy unibrow. Her bold unibrow happened almost by accident after the 21-year-old natural blonde attempted to tint her brows and accidentally dyed them black. From there, she grew a social media presence as a body positive activist and despite receiving plenty of hate online, she's the proud founder of the #unibrowmovement. And since then, her unique look has helped her to work with top tier photographers and model for beauty brands like Coco and Eve.

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Hadjipanteli attributes her bold brow to genetics, with her parents having immigrated to the United States from Cyprus, Greece. However, the model does stimulate hair growth by applying castor oil at night before bed, a skin care process that she swears by.

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What do you think of this unique beauty? Do you belong to the #unibrowmovement? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.