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Lettering is a huge component of the tattoo world. There are countless artists who specialize in it and can execute lettering in a variety of distinctive styles. However, we know that sometimes a client is looking for something a little extra. They don't want your standard cursive or calligraphy, they want lettering that's totally unique and brings the words to life.

There are many ways to take lettering to the next level. You could introduce different colors or textures into the piece—making it look like the words were painted on with a brush or sprayed on using a can of spray paint. You could also play with opacity, making some words jump to the front while others fade into the background. Or you could do something else entirely!

In honor of those clients who want it all, we've gathered together some of our favorite unique approaches to lettering. These artists use lettering as a means to showcasing their creativity and we'd like to think that these tattoos are worth a thousand words. Don't believe us? Then take a look at 50 of the most unique lettering tattoos we found on social media and let us know your favorite lettering style from the bunch in the comments section on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.