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Tattoos aren't our only method of self-expression, we also love piercings! Tattooers and piercers have worked together for decades, often under the same roof. Just as tattooing has evolved both technically and artistically, so has piercing. We're here to present five of our favorite piercing trends for the new year.

Stacked Lobe

This year, stacked lobe piercings will be a big trend in the body jewelry community. Stacked lobe piercings can be done in a pair or another piercing can be added to create a look that's both cute and unique.

Coin Slot

A coin slot is far more hardcore than the other piercings on this list as it requires a professional to carve a small piece of cartilage from the ear to create a space for multiple hoops to be stacked. This modification isn't typically done by your average piercer and requires research to find a trained specialist.

Wrist Dermal

Dermals have been around for a while but only recently have we seen them migrate to the wrists. Wrist dermals can be extremely elegant, but keep in mind that they can easily get caught on hair and clothing.


Constellation piercings have been a huge trend over the past several years and they show no signs of slowing down. Constellation piercings are created by scattering studs throughout the earlobe and cartilage, mimicking the appearance of the night sky. They can be added to existing piercings or created all together in one appointment.

Horizontal Lobe

For the piercing enthusiast that chooses to make their own path, why not go for a cute horizontal lobe piercing? Horizontal lobe piercings are very unusual and can spice up anyone's ears.