Vampire facials became a trendy skincare procedure back in 2017, after none other than Kim Kardashian shared this shocking photo to social media. The process of a vampire facial is as follows, the patient has their blood drawn, their blood is then stimulated, and then injected back back into their face to stimulate cell growth. It's said to promote anti-aging and it's been featured in Allure, Women's Health, and People.


Two years after appearing on the public's radar, vampire facials are making headlines once again. However, the procedure has now come into a bad light after two New Mexico patients contracted HIV after getting vampire facials. At VIP Spa in Albuquerque, New Mexico two patients reported contracting HIV after having vampire facials and the spa was shut down shortly after in September of 2018. 130 people who received vampire facials from VIP Spa have been tested for bloodborne diseases and State Attorney General Hector Balderas announced a full criminal investigation of the establishment. Balderas also requested that the FDA regulate the controversial procedure before anyone else contracts a life threatening illness.


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