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Nineties grunge is living to see another decade. If you were looking to leave nineties revival in the past, think again because Vans is coming at us with some new tribal inspired kicks. 

The newly released sneakers are black and white, making the traditional tribal style print that was oh—so—popular in the early 90's grunge movement. There are two shoe styles that both come in the tribal print—a staple Vans low top that features a white base and a hightop which features a black base. 

vans tribal lowtop

Tribal tattoos and skateboarding were major staples in alternative grunge culture of the 90's, and tribal print is to this day a popular choice for decorating your deck. And now, thanks to Vans, you can have your deck match your sneakers. 

vans tribal hightop

Tribal tattoos became popular because of the thick black lines that made a statement no matter what, but they were easy to do poorly which is why there are so many bad tribal tattoos out there. But despite the massive hate, people still tend to love tribal print. At least according to Vans they do.