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Former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham was spotted leaving the Love Hate Social Club tattoo and body piercing shop. While she has proudly displayed on the red carpet over the years, Beckham has spent the last few years lasering her tattoos. And while we love her, we hate to see the ink go.

The fashion designer and singer may be known for her array of tattoos on the temple that is her body, but she’s been working hard to remove them. Seen exiting a tattoo parlor in Notting Hill, London, INKED was excited for a new piece, when most likely, she was continuing laser treatment.

Much of Victoria's body art is a tribute to her long relationship with David Beckham, who also has many tattoos for her.


On Victoria’s left wrist, she has David's initials, “DB,” written in curly script. She also has on her right wrist, the roman numerals “VIII-V-MMVI,” meaning “May 8, 2006." These roman numerals symbolize the date Victoria and David renewed their wedding vows.

On the soccer star and Victoria’s tenth wedding anniversary, she got a Hebrew saying tatted on her wrist roughly translated to "together, forever, eternally.” She also has the Latin phrase “De Integro," meaning “again from the start.”

On her sixth wedding anniversary, the mother of four got a back tatto that ran down in a vertical line. Although the ink is no longer on her, it read “Ani l’dodi li va’ani lo haroeh bashoshanim," which actually meant, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine."