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In 2020, we've reached a point where it's strange to see a band that is completely inkless, but it hasn't always been that way. There once was a time that seeing a band showing off tattoos was slightly scandalous, and few bands caused more scandals back in the day than Mötley Crüe. 

Thus, it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that singer Vince Neil has a tattoo on his ass. 

Team Vince, an Instagram account dedicated to the aging rocker, posted the above photo just the other day. In the photo, for reasons that are completely inexplicable, Neil is channeling his inner Coppertone baby and showing off his butt cheek. Right there on the butt cheek is a tiny little tattoo. 

The picture is not zoomed in enough—or possibly it's that the tattoo isn't done well enough—for us to be able to tell what the tattoo is. God only knows what it looks like today. 

While other members of the Crüe are more notorious for their tattoos, looking at you Tommy Lee, Neil did sing a song about his love of tattoos and tequila. You may have missed it because it is on one of his three solo albums. Yes, believe it or not, the world has allowed Vince Neil to record three solo albums. Wow. 

It clearly is a slow news day if we're talking about Vince Neil's ass. That being said, that is a hilarious photo of a not-so-great tattoo. We couldn't keep it to ourselves, we had to share it with the world.