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There's nothing quite like opening a new vinyl, placing it on the record player for the first time and enjoying the music as it was intended to be heard. Vinyl is a more intimate experience compared to other formats. The records have to be properly cared for to prevent heat from warping the discs, scratches from skipping tracks and even dust settling into the groves, to keep your collection in tip-top shape, you have to ensure proper maintenance of your records.

While streaming is more accessible and definitely makes the weekday commute more bearable by giving us hundreds of thousands of songs at our fingertips, it's just not the same experience. Much like how reading a physical book will always be better than reading an ebook. The main problem with streaming services is that you don't own the music, meaning if your favorite artist decides to cut ties with the service of your choice, you lose access to their music. That just simply isn't the case with vinyl as your own the physical record and you can listen to it whenever you want to.

Vinyl records just sound better, too, as they are pressed straight from the recording masters, meaning the album you get on vinyl sounds precisely like the artist intended it to sound, as it doesn't have to be compressed to fit a digital format. The disc's grooves also come into play by creating a more open sound and allows listeners to hear features that are often distorted and missed in digital recordings.

Over the last decade, vinyl has seen an increase in popularity. The revived interest in vinyl and the creation of Record Store Day in 2007 has made independent record stores the go-to place for finding the perfect vinyls to add to your collection, and even going so far as to offer limited edition discs you can only get at these stores. There's also nothing quite like hunting for a record and the triumphant feeling that occurs once you've finally found the vinyl that has been missing from your collection. But if the thrill of record hunting isn't for you, or you simply don't have the time, you can also buy them online.

To celebrate vinyls in all their analog beauty, here are the best tattoos we could find that much like your favorite albums and songs will be something to cherish forever.