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Damian "Stifler" Zdunczyk, reality star from Poland’s version of Jersey Shore, just revealed his incredibly large penis tattoo.

While Zdunczyk is notorious for whipping it out on Warsaw — and has even burst into a bathroom where two other cast members were bathing together and started stroking himself in front of them — he has officially gone Tattoo Far.

The Warsaw Shore star revealed his 16.5 inch penis tattooed on his inner thigh. Along with the words “Come to Daddy.”

Zdunczyk proudly posted his new piece to his Instagram page, captioning the photo, “You certainly know me from the Warsaw Shore program where I showed myself to be the biggest partier in Poland.”

The personal trainer, whose username is Stifler 16cm, prides himself on his appearance, and calls himself a ladies’ man. He also says he “doesn’t have time for relationships.”