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Tommy Savarie, 24-year-old construction engineer, wanted to get a tattoo to celebrate the Capitals’ Stanley Cup championship last season. While Savarie is currently living in Texas, and originally from Richmond, Virginia, he had been a Washington Caps fan since middle school. He said he “grew up watching the Richmond Renegades play, and wanted an unconventional tattoo.”

“After we won last spring, I was dead-set on getting a tattoo, but I couldn’t decide on what to get,” Savarie said. “Mainly because I didn’t want to just get a generic Stanley Cup with ‘2018’ on it or something of that sort.”

When Savarie read an RNMB article about TJ Oshie’s Wario tattoo, which explained that Oshie and the Capitals bonded as a team by playing Mario Kart during road trips, his inkspiration started.

For reference, here is Oshie’s tattoo:

TJ Oshie's Mario Kart-Inspired Tattoo of Wario

TJ Oshie's Mario Kart-Inspired Tattoo of Wario

Savarie's Ink:

Tommy Savarie's Wario Tattoo for Capitals' Stanley Cup win

Tommy Savarie's Wario Tattoo for Capitals' Stanley Cup win

Savarie got his tattoo done in Corpus Christi, Texas at AXIS Tattoo, by tattooer Roy Castillo.

“When I saw Oshie’s tattoo it just sprung the idea of just having Wario holding the Stanley Cup,” Savarie said. “No 2018 or Capitals reference needed, because anybody who is a true Caps and Oshie fan would know what it meant right away.”

With Oshie being Savarie’s favorite Capitals’ player, the fan matched his idol’s tattoo location, on his upper thigh.

Savarie said he made the leap to get the tattoo after Oshie scored two goals in the Capitals’ win against Tampa.

“After [Oshie] scored two goals, I just got fired up for the playoffs and made the decision to get the tattoo before the push for 2019 started,” Savarie said.

Savarie said it took Castillo about an hour to draw up, but that it “could not have come out better.” 

Savarie said, “When I explained to him what I wanted, he kind of just chuckled and said, ‘Well, I definitely have never seen or done anything like that before’.”


Oshie’s tattoo was inked by Billy, at Tattoo Paradise in DC.

Capitals forward Brett Connolly, who was eating pizza while getting inked, also had a Mario Kart character tattooed by Billy. A Connolly fan was inspired to get the image of the Connolly getting tattooed while eating pizza, tattooed on him.