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Memes aren't designed to last forever. They are meant to exist in an exact moment of time and then fade into oblivion, that's sort of the point. Tattoos, on the other hand, are for life. So what happens when a meme becomes a tattoo? It lives forever and ever and ever. 

In a few years the whole world may not feel like it's burning down around us, so perhaps the "This Is Fine" dog will no longer be the most relevant thing on all of our minds. Yet, if you have a tattoo of that glorious pup, well, everything will always be fine. Right? 

In this episode of Tattoo Artists React we found a bunch of meme tattoos and showed them to our panel of tattoo artists. Some of the memes were a little obscure, or the Inked staff is just way too online, but each one brought out some very strong opinions. 

What's your favorite meme? Do you have any meme tattoos of your own? Let us know in the YouTube comment section.