While it's often expected that a wedding will have a dress code, whether it be black tie or on the casual side of the spectrum, those rules often don't include tattoos. Even the most conservative couples understand that you cannot control the self-expression of the people who attend your wedding, especially if they're not in the wedding party. However, a wedding guest from Melbourne, Australia experienced the wrath of a bridezilla first hand, when she was asked to cover her tattoos and colorful hair for an upcoming summer wedding.

Photo by Sarah Joy Smith

Photo by Sarah Joy Smith

The wedding guest shared a text thread with a demanding bride to a Facebook group and the messages quickly went viral. In the text, the bride asks the guest to cover her tattoos and fix her hair so that "it's a natural color." She explains the request by saying that they'd "put a lot of work into our theme" and the guest's appearance clashed with the decor. She then went on to suggest the guest wore a jacket or a dress with long sleeves.

In the most polite way possible, the guest shared that she wouldn't be able to wear a jacket or long sleeves because she's sensitive to the heat. However, she did say that she'd look into a spray for her hair. Yet, despite being willing to compromise, the bride went on to make demands: "I know it's hot but it's my one day so if you can't suck it up, I feel like you don't really care about me or [groom-to-be] and probably shouldn't come. I'm not asking much and it's not my fault you get hot. Buy some makeup for your tattoos then if you want to be at my wedding, you'll figure it out. If you turn up on the day without anything covered, you won't be let in to the venue."

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In response to those messages, the guest wrote "Wow, so if I don't give myself heat stress I don't love you guys? Makeup that covers tattoos is crazy expensive." To which, the bride went on to say: "Your money issues aren't my problem. It doesn't matter that you're not in the wedding party, you'll still be in photos and you will ruin them. You're very pretty normally but your look doesn't work for my wedding and it is very fair to ask you to do something simple so that my day is perfect."


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