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We've all met those girls who constantly say that they're, "So weird." Not to typecast, but more likely than not they were in a sorority and their idea of weird is getting their septum pierced or making a goofy face during a group photo. However, today, we're here to turn up the weird to full blast.

There are a lot of weird tattoos out there. Tattoos that you see when you're scrolling through your timeline and you have to stop to think. "What was this person thinking?" "How did they come up with this wacky idea?" "Were they high when they thought of that?" And of course, "I wouldn't want that on me, but I love it and I'm sending it to 10 of my friends." We've got to hand it to those collectors and artists who consistently keep us on our toes, creating art that is truly, utterly and undoubtedly weird.

Take a look at some of our favorite weird, strange, quirky and kooky tattoos from some of the most creative tattoo artists in the industry in the gallery below. Then let us know about your absolute weirdest tattoo in the comments section on social media. Bring on the weird!