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Here at Inked we love tattoos. Obviously. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the beautiful art and the amazing people who create it. We think about tattoos all day every day and we wouldn't have it any other way.

But by no means does that mean the tattoo industry is a perfect place, for the tattoo artists or for the clients. It's not. Breaking in as an artist can be incredibly difficult. Finding a trustworthy artist can be a painstaking effort. For years, there has been a glaring lack of diversity among tattoo artists. Social media, television, and let's be completely honest, media outlets such as ourselves, has warped the way the entire trade is seen. 

In our latest episode of Tattoo Artists React we asked our panel of artists what they would change about the industry if they had the chance. And while many of them had a list of things that they would like to alter, many were also very appreciative of the industry that has given them so much. 

After you give it a watch, let us know in the YouTube comment section which changes you think need to happen in our beloved industry. 

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