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Have you ever sat down and really thought about the amount of money you've put into your tattoo collection? It's an odd thing to consider, honestly. You think about all the money you save up for a tattoo before you get it, but once it's on there that thought seems to leave the mind. It's not like you're going to be able to sell your tattoos to somebody else for a nice lil' profit. 

On this episode of Tattoo Artists React we asked our panel of tattoo artists to consider how much money they've dropped on their collections. Now, being that they're tattooers, a lot of them haven't spent much on their collections given that they've either a) traded tattoos with their pals or b) used their body as a scratch pad for themselves and others as they were learning to tattoo. All that being said, the panel has some very interesting things to say about the worth of their collections. 

As I wrote this article I started really wondering just how much my fledgling tattoo collection was worth. I've dropped roughly $4,000 getting tattooed over the years. One thing that's nice about starting quite some time ago is that I got some really sweet deals. I also have a couple tattoos I would have done well doing a little more research beforehand and finding a more talented artist to spend a little more money on, if you will. And I'm not including the money I've spent to travel to get tattooed, that's probably another $600 or so. Although I have been tattooed multiple times while working, so in theory I was getting paid while being tattooed, which is a pretty sweet perk of the job here. 

Head on over to the YouTube comment section to let us know how much your collection is worth.