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It's been a long wait filled with uncertainty, but finally "Ink Master" has returned! "Ink Master" has changed things up in the interim adding a new host (Joel Madden), a new panel of judges (Ami James, Nikko Hurtado, Ryan Ashley), a new Master of Chaos role for fan-favorite Dave Navarro and upped the prize money to $250,000! Season 14 started streaming on Paramount+ this morning, so let's get to know who's going to be competing for the massive cash prize and the coveted title of Ink Master.  

Angel Rose


The last time we saw Angel Rose was in Season 13 as she was getting ready to compete in the finale. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic that finale never took place. Let's see if she has what it takes to make it back this time! 

Bob Jones 


Remember that Season 13 finale we just mentioned? Bob Jones was getting ready to take part in it as well. Maybe we'll find both of them back in the finale for Season 14... only time will tell. 

Chris Shockley


Chris Shockley was part of Team Christian back in Season 11. Things didn't pan out for him—he came in sixth despite showing a lot of promise early on—and he's eager to prove himself. 

Creepy Jason


Creepy Jason got so close to the title in Season 12, only to end up finishing third. He'll be bringing his trademark style and devil-may-care attitude to Season 14 as he tries to win it all. 

Deanna James 


Season 10 was one of ups and downs for Deanna James. Throughout the contest she found herself coming in at the very top or the very bottom in many of the challenges, very rarely in the middle. Perhaps she'll be able to turn things around this time. 

Gian Karle


Gian Karle took part in the epic Season 8 finale with Ryan Ashley and Kelly Doty. If he had won, maybe he would have been one of the judges this season, who knows? Instead he's competing to impress his old rival Ryan Ashley and the other judges in his bid to win the crown. 

Hiram Casas


Hiram Casas joins Angel Rose and Bob Jones as another returning tattoo artist from the unfinished Season 13. However, unlike his former teammates, Casas was sent home before the finale. He'll be looking to get his revenge. 

Holli Marie


Holli Marie didn't quite put it together during her run in Season 12, but she's champing at the bit to prove she deserves the crown. She's going to be one fierce competitor. 

Katie McGowan


Don't let the pink hair and the infectious laugh fool you, Katie McGowan is one of the toughest competitors you'll ever find. McGowan's Black Cobra Tattoo finished in second place during the Shop Wars season, now she's back and ready to win it all on her own. 



If the show was called "Puppet Master" and the goal was to make the coolest puppet, Pon would be a shoe-in to win. Luckily, Pon is pretty damn good at his day job as well, so expect him to battle to the end this season.