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This time last year, Miranda Lambert got her Queen of Hearts playing card tattoo, telling PEOPLE “It represents a lot of things in my life. I was going from one phase of life to a new one and starting to take care of me and not worry about what was around me.”

She adds, "It’s about making sure I know that I’m the queen of my own heart.”

Now releasing her seventh studio album, "Wildcard," she says: “I didn’t leave it all behind on this record, but I definitely celebrated joy a lot more than I have before.”

Along with this vibrant tattoo, her newlywed life is full of color, marrying NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin.

Although Lambert's songwriting gravitates toward songs about heartbreak, her upbeat spirit seeps into her new music. Her public divorce from Blake Shelton, which was behind 2016’s hit "The Weight of These Wings," might have left some heartbreak to this Queen of Hearts, but, as she sings, It All Comes Out In The Wash.