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As a tattoo artist, the fastest and best way to put yourself on the map is to tattoo an influential public figure. And having inked top-tier celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and, most recently, Lady Gaga, we’d argue that Daniel Winter, aka Winter Stone, is the next big thing. His fine-line craftsmanship is breaking new ground among Hollywood’s elite, and we can’t believe he began working in the industry at the age of 30. Take a look how, in a few short years, Winter has managed to appear on everyone’s radar and see how he’s approaching the future of tattooing.

When did you first develop an interest in tattooing and how did you go about starting your career?

The idea of getting my first tattoo started when I was 17. After the first time I got tattooed, I knew at some point in my life I would become a tattoo artist. When I was 30, I picked up the machine and fired away into the crazy world of tattooing. I was shown the ways with the guidance of a few respected artists here in LA, whose names I will keep private.

What led you to fine-line tattooing and what are some of the biggest misconceptions about the style? Fine-line tattooing was always the way I was tattooed, so naturally I was intrigued by the style for its precise lines and different look from a traditional tattoo. As a child, I always drew with a .03 lead pencil and knew I would like the finer of lines in the tattoo world. The biggest misconception is the longevity of a fine-line tattoo. In my opinion, they last just as long, if not longer than the bolder tattoo if done correctly.

Why do you think that fine-line and micro tattooing has become a popular trend? Fine-line and micro tattooing has become so popular due to its unique style and delicate appearance. The fine-line allows the client to have a very small, meaningful tattoo that doesn’t need to be a major commitment. For me, simplicity is key as to why it upholds this trend.

How would you describe the LA tattoo scene and how do you fit into it?

The LA tattoo scene runs deep with its style and forward trends, fine-line and single needle started out here on the West Coast. The scene varies from all spectrums of the world. I started my private studio to stay out of the scene and be more on the low-key side of things.

Who was the first celebrity you tattooed and how were you approached by stars like Demi Lovato, Sophie Turner, and Lady Gaga?

The first celebrity I tattooed was Miley Cyrus. I was introduced to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in New York by a mutual friend and Lady Gaga came about through an old friend from middle school, actually. Demi Lovato saw me tattoo a few of her friends and reached out via Instagram.

Where do you see the future of tattooing going?

The future of tattooing, in my opinion, is going in a modern direction, with newer higher quality machines and technologies that are allowing artists to go way beyond their limits.

As a collector, how does the work on your body differ from the work you create on your clients? As a tattoo collector, my work is mostly fine-line with shading, from various well known artists. My work is different in the way I do minimal shading and much smaller tattoos.

Which artists (tattoo or fine art) inspire you?

Tattoo artists such as Andrew “The Kid”, Chris Garver, Freddy Negrete, Mark Mahoney, Scott Campbell, Jason Stores, and many more. These artists stand out to me in many ways. My top fine artists that inspire me include: Dali, Picasso, Matisse, Gustave Dore, and van Gogh.