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One of the problems many charities have when raising funds is finding a way to get people to personally relate to the cause. For example, most people understand the plight of Syrian war refugees, but it's difficult to empathize when you've never lived in a war-torn region or experienced anything remotely close to what they are going through. But blindness? Everybody can fully understand what life would be like if they were no longer able to see. 

The Foundation Fighting Blindness knows that they can find a cure for blinding retinal diseases if they are able to fully fund the proper research. This isn't a vague goal, it's an achievable one. While the specter of blindness is very real to older generations, the foundation wants to make a concerted effort to reach younger generations. And that is where X Ambassadors come in. 

"We are thrilled to launch our 'Music to our Eyes' music series with a conversation and concert with Sam and Casey Harris from acclaimed rock band X Ambassadors," Jason Menzo, COO of the Foundation Fighting Blindness, told us. "Our mission is to find treatments and cures for blinding diseases, and are excited to introduce our mission to a whole new audience with this event."

The livestream will feature an acoustic performance by Sam and Casey Harris of X Ambassadors, as well as a conversation where they'll discuss their music, their activism and why this event hits so close to home. Casey Harris, the band's keyboardist, was born with the rare genetic disease, Senior-Loken syndrome, which affects his kidneys and retinas and has left him legally blind. 

"We've partnered with the clothing company Two Blind Brothers," Menzo says. "To bring this special livestream to thousands across the globe, and hope folks learn more about how we are closer than ever to curing a host of blinding diseases."

Two Blind Brothers is a clothing brand founded by, you guessed it, two blind brothers, who donate 100% of their profits towards the cause of curing blindness. 

The Music to our Eyes event is going to be taking place on the Foundation Fighting Blindness Facebook page this Thursday, August 20, at 7pm EST. Sign up for a reminder here. The stream is free for all, but donations can be made here. Contributors will not only get the good feeling that comes along with battling blindness, but a gift from Two Blind Brothers as well. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.