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We're all familiar with the Chinese Zodiac, but do you know the traditions of Chinese New Year? Every year, Chinese New Year is celebrated by millions worldwide and the holiday is often regarded as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. This holiday marks the end of winter and celebrations last 17 days (although only the first seven days are public holidays). Chinese New Year begins on a New Moon and this year it officially began on February 12th. Some traditions of Chinese New Year include setting off fireworks, enjoying a feast of food and children receiving red envelopes.

This year's Chinese New Year kicks off the Year of the Ox. According to myths, the ox was the second to arrive in the party of the Jade Emperor, behind the rat. Past Years of the Ox are 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973 and 1961. People born during the Year of the Ox are said to be hardworking, earnest and honest. People born during the Year of the Ox are believed to be most compatible with rat, snake and rooster, while least compatible with goat, horse and dog. Against popular belief, 2021 will be a turbulent and unlucky year for people born in the Year of the Ox.

In honor of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Ox, take a look at 25 impressive ox tattoos from talented tattooers around the world. Then let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on social media.