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After a tumultuous 2019, it seems that rappers YG and Kehlani are taking on 2020 hand in hand—or, name on skin to be more accurate. Kehlani shared on her—now deleted—Instagram story a photo of rapper YG's wrist with "Kehlani" in fine line script. This seems to be the official statement of dating from the two after their brief break up in 2019, despite being spotted together on multiple different occasions. 

According to All HipHop, Kehlani and YG split after the rapper was seen kissing another girl. YG's infidelity came a few months into his relationship with Kehlani, and many people believed that the couple were done for good after some petty social media postings. Kehlani couldn't hide her feelings though, and even though she was single, sung about YG in detail in her leaked song “You Know Wassup.” 

As stated, the post from Kehlani's story is now deleted—but according to All HipHop, the tattoo was done at Meek Mill's Grammy party. It's also alleged that Kehlani has YG's first name tattooed on her wrist, but she hasn't yet posted any photos of her own ink. Either way, tattoos are certainly a permanent way to announce the rekindling of an old flame.