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While most tattoo artists begin their apprenticeship after high school and in their early twenties, Noko started tattooing at the age of eight. Now, she's 10 and under the guidance of her father, Gakkin, she's taking on the international tattoo industry.

Noko's father is a highly sought after blackwork artist who moved his family from Japan to Amsterdam. He began teaching his daughter how to tattoo on fake skin and when she was ready, helped her to graduate to tattooing real people. And, of course, he's rocking many of her first designs.

Today, Noko has inked over twenty different customers and is learning skills like linework, color saturation, and shading at a rapid pace. Take a look at Noko's evolution in the gallery below and let us know in the comments section if you'd get a tattoo by this talented 10-year-old.