If you like free porn and being politically responsible, YouPorn has you covered for the upcoming (pun intended) voting season.

By sending a selfie to Jedy Vales- YouPorn’s brand embassador- of you with your “I voted” sticker, you too can get an access code for YouPorn premium content. For free- it's literally just because you voted. You're being rewarded for participating in democracy with pornography- this is the future.

free youporn 2

All you have to do is vote and email your picture to Vales at jedy@youporn.com, and Vales will respond with a code granting you access to the site’s exclusive content. This comes right in time for the general election, which will determine who will be running against Donald Trump for the position of POTUS. The goal is to get more people to vote, as nearly 43% of voters failed to participate in the 2016 election.

Vales says this isn't an effort to control votes, but to simply have more Americans participate in democracy. You might not want to tell your mom exactly why you voted, but free porn is as good a reason as any to get to the polls.

To find your polling place, please visit Vote.Org and don’t forget to keep Vales’ email handy.