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Price is a tricky subject when it comes to the tattoo process and something that many artists stay hush about in the public eye. Tattoos are custom and there's no standard rate throughout the industry, so unlike an article of clothing you won't see the price tag upfront. However, some tattooers are more transparent than others and some clients have "spilled the beans" about the cost of their permanent designs.

Enter a 22-year-old YouTuber named Alana Arbucci, who has 245K subscribers and creates content about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. On July 25th, she published a video about her most recent tattoo experience and divulged in the title the price of her tattoo, which came in at a whopping $2,100.

Now many of you may be picking your jaws off the floor, as two grand is a substantial chunk of change. However, for Arbucci, she sought out the celebrity experience by getting a dainty micro tattoo by one of Bang Bang NYC's top tattooers— Dragon.

Throughout the video, she gushes about going to a shop that has tattooed major celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber, as well as, remarking on the craftsmanship of the artist. But what do you think of the tattoo? Is this the best rose tattoo that you've ever seen? Was this tattoo worth $2,100? Let us know your thoughts, questions, and opinions on this story in the comments section.