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Being a YouTuber is a strange career that often attracts an unusual subset of people. For example, many YouTubers are exhibitionists who gain attention on social media through outrageous pranks, stunts, or experiments. In other cases, many YouTubers are very creative and express themselves through art in a variety of mediums. Both of these character traits have led many of our favorite vloggers to collect some pretty strange tattoos—and it's time you took a peek at their peculiar ink.

Scotty Sire

Vlog Squad member Scotty Sire has some of the strangest tattoos on YouTube, including a Cheshire cat coverup on his lower abdomen, a portrait of fellow YouTuber David Dobrik on his arm, and a gangster bear on his side. Check out our tattoo tour with Sire for his full collection.

Elijah Daniel

Elijah Daniel is an eccentric and controversial figure on social media who's tattoos have been known to raise a few eyebrows. For example, after making a viral cover of The Chainsmoker's "Closer," he and fellow YouTuber Christine Sydelko got matching "Bing Bong" tattoos. And after being kicked out of a Trump rally for attempting to throw a giant dildo at the United State's President, Daniel shocked the world with a portrait of Trump giving a blowjob on his calf.


While Pewdiepie's tattoos may not be provocative or graphic, they're certainly unusual in their own way. Pewdiepie collects tattoos with unusual artistic illustrations, from a trumpet playing frog to a cathedral monster.

Faze Banks

While his tattoos aren't the worst, Faze Bank's choice of ink is certainly questionable. Namely, the large gun on his forearm would raise major red flags and likely lead to unemployment if he did anything but YouTube.

Morgan Adams

For her one and only tattoo, vlogger Morgan Adams attempted to get a Chipotle Black Card (which grants free Chipotle for life) by getting the brand's name inked on her inner lip. And while she was ultimately unsuccessful in gaining the coveted card, at least she made an effort.

Jeffree Star

For the most part, Jeffree Star's tattoos are nothing your average tattoo enthusiast would bat an eyelash over. In fact, he probably has the most impressive collection on the entire site, with sensational pieces by Nikko Hurtado and Kat Von D. However, let's not forget that Star has the phrase "Rape Me" inked on his chest. And while this references the famous 1993 hit single by Nirvana, we can't help but think it sends the wrong message to viewers.

What do you think of these YouTuber's tattoos? Did we miss your favorite weird YouTuber tattoo on our list? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.