20 CURVY. TATTOOED AND SEXY MODELS! Body positivity is the best thing to happen in the last 50 years!


Bad Ass Ink and Bangin’ Bodies!

For too many years woman who weren’t falling into the thin, fit and slim body type were considered unhealthy and unattractive. Now, we’re not saying everyone felt that way, but damn sure the media treated these women as second-class citizens when it came to their physical attractiveness. Thankfully some of that has changed and women of all shapes and sizes find themselves the apple of the media’s eye(s).

Naturally big butts, hippy hips and bodacious boobs have been deemed the new sexy body parts. Once again, it may be new to some, but for many of us bigger has always been better!

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.00.07 PM

Photo via alivixwhite