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8 Things That Make You Less Attractive!


Read’em and Weep…and Then Change!

When people read this headline the first thing that think is, Oh, this must be about looks. You know, physical beauty or the lack thereof. Glowing skin. Shiny hair. Strong cheek bones. On and on and on! Well, if you thought that you would be wrong! Experts have determined that looks is certainly not everything when it comes to how people rank how attractive they find someone.
Well, one of them is about your physical appearance, and it’s also not what you think it is!


So, to help you get a leg up on the competition, read this list of ten and make them part of your daily ritual on the road to being more attractive!

Bad Grammar


With so much of today’s initial meetings happening via social media, people make assumption about you through your command of the English language. One study posted results that found a majority of men and women admitted they reject online suitors solely because of bad grammar and misspellings in their dating profiles.

It appears that in addition to it being a sign that the person has a lack of education, it also gives the impression that the person is lazy.

Looking Too Young


That’s right! As the newer generations are being born to parents who are over thirty, they appear to be seeking out partners that have a more mature face!

Distinguished is now beating out the youthful surfer dude and girl next door look!



Just the way men are apparently drawn to women with bright red lipstick. Studies show that women feel that man wearing a red shirt is more powerful and attractive. And those are two essential characteristics many women look for when seeking out a male partner.

Less is Better


Your mom was right. Men like a woman who has natural beauty. Sure, make-up may be great for a night on the town once in a while, but the natural look wins out every time!

Your Table Manners

My husband is a very refined diner. We eat in only the best restaurants.

My husband is a very refined diner. We eat in only the best restaurants.

Again, mom was right. Men and women both said that bad table manners was a sever turn off. Eating with their mouth open, making noises, sloppy hands, etc., was all something that would make a romance not go further than a first date.

No Beards or Buns


Okay, the man bun is a given. It’s lame, so don’t do it! Now the beard issue is a little tricky. It appears women like facial hair. They don’t want a baby face skinned dude and they don’t want some lumber jack bearded guy. However, they do like well-groomed stubble.

A Man Looks Stupid When He Smiles.


It appears that old adage is true. A recent study concluded that “men rated smiling women as more attractive, while women rated smiling men as less attractive.” I guess Tom Cruise is out of luck!



Nobody likes a sad sack, that goes for men and women. And although it is a given that women like a guy that can make them laugh, guys like girls that have a good sense of humor. Maybe it’s so they laugh at his jokes?