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Color Changing Tattoos! They'll Make You Healthier and Happier!

The Doctor Will See Your Tattoo Now!

The cutting edge researchers at both world renowned institutions — MIT Media Lab and Harvard Medical School have teamed up to create tattoo inks that react to the changing chemical make-up of your body.

Their goal is to have people being tattooed not just as a form of decoration and self-expression, but also to display real-time data of what is going on inside their body. DermalAbyss is the brainchild of MIT Media Lab researcher Katia Vega, as she explores the possibilities of tattoos being done on people with “biosensor Ink” instead of tattoo traditional ink.

Working with students and faculty at the Harvard Medical School, Vega created three different types of biosensor inks that measure the chemical changes happening within the intestines but can be monitored by activity happening in your skin. Right now the color changes are based levels of glucose, sodium, or pH in your body.

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Photo via DermalAbyss