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Crayons and Tattoo Machines! Meet An 11 Year-Old Tattoo Artist!

He’s Taking Appointments!

Honolulu Tattoo is a small yet interesting shop in a section of Panama City that prides itself on specializing in Norman Keith Collins (aka Sailor Jerry) style tattoos — thus the shop’s name. Honolulu also boasts two other exciting and quirky features. The shop itself is designed to look like a tree house because the owner Ali Garcia wanted to create an atmosphere that was whimsical, fun and unique. The second and most recent injection of excitement is the addition of their newest tattoo artist.

Normally tattoo shops are off limits to minors and you won’t find any customers under the age of 18 getting tatted up in Honolulu. However, you will find a tattoo artist who hasn’t even hit his teens yet — meet 11 year-old Ezrah, also known as Ez The Shark and he has been taken on as an apprentice by Garcia.

As you can imagine, Ezrah has become a bit of a local celebrity and according to Wynter Rosen, Ezrah’s mother, “We have been very fortunate to have line ups of people volunteering to have tattoos by him, and every client he has tattooed has been really happy and amazed.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.17.34 AM

Photo via eztheshark

First Tattoo!

Ezrah At Work

Photo via eztheshark

Color Work

Photo via eztheshark