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Dad Bods and Dogs! You Need this Calendar!

A dad and a dog for every month!

Time to think about buying Christmas gifts. And you know that person who now relies on you for their yearly funny calendar? Well, we got the calendar for you. But, instead of me paraphrasing what the Dad Bods and Dog’s calendar is all about. I will let the creator, Ricki Beason do it for you.

“Our calendar features dogs available for adoption from three different Dallas based rescues each posing with your every-day “good guy”. We want to epitomize the true bond between man and man’s best friend. formally ‘Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs’ which featured shirtless ‘hunky/buff’ men, I decided wanted to move away from that and go at it from more of a humorous approach — with a bigger emphasis on the rescue dog. My hope with this calendar is to bring a daily smile to the face of the person who buys it. I want people to see rescue dogs for the fun-loving rascals that they are in hopes that more people will want to adopt these goofballs. The proceeds from this calendar will go directly to the three rescue beneficiaries so they can help to save the lives of more dogs from all over Texas.

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Photo via Ricki Beason