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Born Without a Nose. He Made Thousands Smile. Goodbye to an Angel.

He Made Everyone Smile

Eli Thompson, was born premature and without a nose. As he grew into a toddler, this brave little boy fought through his severe medical issues and always managed to maintain a pleasant nature. Known for his perpetual smile and his affinity to fist bump anyone he met made him a little angel who melted the hearts of all who knew him or knew of him.

Unfortunately, Eli recently succumbed to the multitude of health complications that ravaged his little body and died on Saturday, June 3rd. He turned 2 just a month ago on March 4th.

Here’s a look at a very young child's life that despite ending so quickly managed to bring a smile to thousands of people. Hopefully after you read this story, he will have brought a smile to your face too.


 Photo via Facebook