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My favorite “trap soul” alt-rock babe Bishop Briggs has a new single out today, called “White Flag” — a song that is an empowerment anthem for the masses, featuring lyrics like “I won’t go down slow” and “won’t wave my white flag, no.” The song rides the cusp of loud anthemic rock with epic dusty hip-hop drums, moody guitar melodies and undoubtedly soulful chorus. “White Flag” is the first single to be released from her highly anticipated debut album entitled Church of Scars, scheduled to be released on April 20th.

If you don’t know who Bishop Briggs is, you have been sleeping on one of the best alt-rock females the music industry has to offer. We’ve not had a strong female voice at the front of rock since probably Hayley Williams from Paramore, but I can say pretty confidently that Bishop has been passed the crown — and I’m totally here for what she does next.

Just in the last year, she’s amassed over 316 million global streams and was named as the global MTV Push: Artist to Watch for January. Her song, “Wild Horses” was used in a car commercial a few years ago and has sky rocketed her to stardom — and if you listen to any of her music, including “River” or “Dream” it’s easy to see why. Last year she supported everyone from Alt-J to Coldplay to Bleachers, and this year she’ll be embarking on her first headlining tour starting in April.


Bishop’s fave tattoo is a “traditional Chinese dragon” on the side of her thigh, by artist @denise_tpinto. Bishop says of the artwork, “I love to get spontaneous tattoos so in the moment, I decided that I needed something that reminded me of power. I also loved the idea of dragons having this fire in their bellies but only releasing it in times of danger or protection. I thought it could be a parallel to my life - keep the fire as fuel and use it wisely.”

As for a little known fact about Bishop? I got three tattoos on my legs in one sitting. I had definitely never gotten my thighs tattooed before deciding that haha! Big mistake. It was so painful. I had so many tattoos at that point but they were all on my neck and my arms... The sensitivity didn’t even compare to my thighs. We watched an hour of Soul Train and listened to The Beach Boys and a podcast called “My Dad Wrote a Porno.” Needless to say, it was an experience to remember.”

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