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Killer Ink! Infamous Tattoos of Convicted Mass Murders!


Murder Ink-corporated!

The perception that sailors, biker gangs and criminals, only wear tattoos is thankfully now dismissed as malarkey and although soccer moms across the world are now sporting ink there is a group of individuals who still live up to the old stereotype of deviant behavior going hand-in-hand with tattoos.
The gallery we put together here is not your typical gang bangers or petty thief’s. This group is notorious bad guys who have made an indelible stain on the fabric of society with their psychotic antisocial behavior.
A few you may recognize while others, you may never heard of and hopefully have never had the displeasure of meeting them in person.
We also included one very strange tattoo that was gotten by a “civilian” that has raised a lot of controversy. You’ll see why!


Photo via horrorpedia