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Everyone’s favorite 1960s cartoon character Fred Flintstone appears to have breached not only some type of time warp, but also a dimension that brings two-dimensional cartoon characters into the “real” world! Unfortunately, Mr. Flintstone appears to not be up on the speed limit laws of the 21st century and was greeted into this millennium with a traffic violation!


Don Schwartz, otherwise known as Mr. Fred Flintstone was chased down by police in Pasco County, Florida (Florida? Oh, that should come as no surprise.). When he finally stopped his smart car, that has been modified to resemble the iconic prehistoric motor vehicle of the 1960s cartoon, according ro police Schwartz “became unruly”.

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After some heated exchange that allegedly involved some references to the officers having something nasty done to them by Dino (Only kidding. There was no mention of the beloved dinosaur). Schwartz was issued a speeding ticket and later released with a notice to appear in court!


The Pasco Police Department seized the Smart car and had a good laugh with the stop and posted some funny images on their Facebook page. “This is what Intelligence-Led Policing looked like in the stone age,” said the post, which included pictures of the vehicle and a barefoot driver dressed in Flintstones costume.