Man Molested as a Child Tracks Down Pedophiles and Beats Them with a Hammer!


Meet the Avenging Angel

Child molestation is the worst crime anyone can commit. It is perpetrated by sick monsters who don't deserve to be among society — where they may be “tempted” to act on their depraved sexual impulses again. They should be locked up and the key thrown into the ocean. Unfortunately, that is not the punishment doled out for many convicted pedophiles. Instead, they are given relatively short stints behind bars and then released back into the general population with restrictions on where they can live and their identity being logged into a national sex registry.

Okay, over and done. You are forgiven. Well, in the words of Jason Vukovich, the man we are about to learn about, “A child who is physically or sexually abused automatically receives a life sentence with no release date.”


Photo via KTVA