NYC Strip Clubs to Be Shut Down! The End of the 60-40 Rule Means No More Jiggle Joints!


The End of an Era!

Strip Joints. Jiggle Joints. Gentlemen’s Clubs. Call them what you like, and even if you don’t like them, you had no choice but to tolerate them especially since they blew up in popularity in the 1970s. Since then the strip club has gone through a series of evolutions. Sure, you can still find the down-and-dirty grind houses where a little “extra” can be had with a visit to the back room and a few extra bucks in hand.
And at the height of the Gentlemen’s Club reign in NYC, clubs like Scores, Sapphire and Flashdancer’s were the hot-spot-night-spots with a steady stream of celebrities from film, TV and sports being spotted having a cocktail while booties shook in the background.


Unfortunately, or fortunately depending which side of the stripper pole you are on, New York strip club may be on the brink of extinction… or at least become an endangered species. find that New York’s jiggle-joint owners are shaking in their boots that the number of strip clubs in town could contract from about 20 to less than eight if the city starts enforcing a ruling made last year that the clubs can’t be in residential areas.


After many years of drawn out court battles, a Manhattan judge finally ruled last year that strip clubs could no longer operate under the existing 60-40 rule, which allowed the jiggle joints to keep the scantily clad and topless girls on stage as long as 60 percent of the club was used for “non-adult” entertainment, such as a restaurant. One unmade club owner, let out a telling sigh and announced, “Last year was the last hurrah. That’s the end of 60-40.”


He went on to comment that the city has not been enforcing the zoning code — until now. “The hammer is coming down on this; it’s only weeks or months away. There are 20, give or take, clubs acting in New York — this law could get them down to between four and eight.”


Four the few club owners that feel they can remain in business there has been a land grab to find new locations. Sources told Page Six of the NY Post that the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club on East 60th Street is taking over the lease at the Times Square institution of FlashDancers, which also happens to be the city’s longest-running club.


The price tag Sapphire’s will have to shell out for the new location? Try $170,000 per month! Must be a profitable business!