Photos of Jilted Wife Stuffing Hot Chilies into Mistress’ Vagina!


A woman scorned!

Ly Chanel, 23 of Vietnam was only married or seven months but was already pregnant 3 months when her husband started disappearing for hours at a time. Ly began to get suspicious and suspected her husband may be cheating on her.

Ly decided it was time to do take matters into her own hands (and into her husband’s mistress’ vagina) and she and four of her friends staked out a local hot-sheet motel in Thai Nguyen province of Vietnam.

Well, Ly’s hunch was correct, and they burst into the suspected room and found Ly’s husband having sex with 24-year-old Chien Keo. That’s when things got really hot (pun intended). Ly’s 4 friends held down the naked Chien and while wearing gloves Ly shoved red hot chili peppers up the woman’s vagina.

Now, while all this was going on someone was taking phone pics – where her husband was, we have no idea.

Ly posted the pics on her Facebook page and received an unusual backlash from the Facebook community.

Furious followers wanted to know why she punished the mistress so severely, but ignored her wayward husband. They accused Ly of being cruel.

Ly responded before shutting down her Facebook page: “How can he care for us if he cheats with another girl? A woman who destroys the family? ‘Women can forgive easily but they can never forget. Jealousy is painful. She will know this. There are people who hate me now, but life is like that, you cannot please everyone.”