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Smokin’ Hot Backstage Strip Show!

Turn Up The Kink Factor!

Meet Becky Holt! This is a British sex bomb extraordinaire. Her kickin’ curves are covered in quality ink and her long red hair her that extra “wild” look. We caught up with Becky backstage in the “special room” that rock stars have for their “special” groupies.

Dress for the evening in a black latex mini-skirt and pink-and-black high heels accented with metal spikes we can only imagine what the night holds for that special friend of hers?!

When she pulls out that riding crop, I guess we can tell this is gonna be one kinky backstage encounter. Here’s a few pics before we got thrown out. But believe me, they’re still damn hot!

Becky Holt

Becky Holt

Photo via DDF