Snake Got Stuck in Woman's Gauge!


Out of all the ridiculous gauge stories we have heard, this one is perhaps the craziest. Portland resident Ashley Glaw was letting her snake crawl around her body when it decided to attempt to pass through her ear gauge. But then it got stuck! She wrote on Facebook:

CURRENT SITUATION... I was holding my #SNAKE and his #DUMB ASS saw a hole, which just so happened to be my fuckin #EARLOBE, and thought that it would be a bright idea to #ATTEMPT to make it through... It all happened SO fast that before I even knew what was going on it was already too late... Now, #BelieveItOrNot I'm sitting here in the #EmergencyRoom with #BART#STUCK in my fucking #EAR#JustMyFuckinLuck#OhShit#SnakeStuckInEar#SnakeStuckInEarlobe#GaugedEars#SnakesLikeGaugedEars

Firstly, we adore that her snake's name is Bart. Secondly, she is a wonderful serpent mother! If a snake was stuck in a part of my body I would flip the fuck out. No matter how close I am with the snake, if it is stuck it is probably pissed off and if a snake is pissed off you don't want it anywhere near your face.

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