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Strength Through Ink! Tattoos for Horses?

Focus On The Good!

Benjamin Lloyd is a New Zealand based artist who is best known for raising the spirits of sick children by giving them elaborate air brushed tattoos. Recently Benjamin took his compressor and paint out to a stable and airbrushed a tattoo on a depressed horse.

'I love boosting a horses confidence with a custom tattoo 50 likes and ill tat a lion up. (airbrushed on not permanent) Peace,' the artist wrote.

The artists knew he was going to catch a lot of flack from animal lovers and activists. He commented, 'I'm waiting for the wannabe animal hippies to say it's wrong blah blah... but I'm aware and use safe ink and I'm trained in animal handling, that horse is happy and content...”

Before you smash this guy for “fake tattooing” the horse, look at the faces of these sick children and just be thankful that Benjamin brings a bit of joy into their rough little lives. The horse “thing” may have been a bit out there, but his charity with the children is right on.

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Photo via BenjaminLloydCollection