Tattoo Legend Jonathan Shaw and a Pickled Punk!


Pickled Punk Discovered!

We will get to the fetus in a jar, but before we that let me give you a VERY quick bio on tattoo legend Jonathan D. Shaw. Jonathan was born on July 4, 1953, His father famous big band musician Artie Shaw and his mother was a woman named Doris Dowling.
In his late teen years, Shaw began writing for the Los Angeles Free Press. There he met Charles Bukowski, who became an influence on his writing. At the age of 21, Shaw left Los Angeles for Mexico. After traveling through port towns as a merchant seaman, Shaw eventually settled in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he began tattooing and lived until returning to Los Angeles in the mid-1970s.
While back in Los Angeles, Shaw began tattooing on the Long Beach Pike (aka “The Pike”), apprenticing under American tattooist Bob Shaw. Jonathan only spent a short time tattooing in Los Angeles, New Orleans and Miami before returning to New York City where he was introduced to tattooist Spider Webb.
While tattooing was still illegal in NYC, Shaw worked out of his own studio by appointment only on 1st Avenue and 1st Street until 1991, when he opened the first store-front, public tattoo parlor in New York City, Fun City Tattoo. Located at 94 St. Mark’s Place in the East Village.
Fun City served clients like Johnny Depp, Joe Coleman (painter), Dee Dee Ramone, Howie Pyro, Johnny Winter, Jim Jarmusch, Albert and David Maysles and Max Cavalera. In 2001, Shaw sold Fun City and moved back to Rio de Janeiro to focus solely on a writing career.
Okay, now what about the jarred fetus.

Photo via youtube