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Tattooed Martha Will Make You Smile! Ink & Recipes!

Tattoos and Cocktails!

We'd like to introduce you to Tattooed Martha, whose real name is actually Sasha. Sasha is a very pretty, heavily tattooed and talented “homemaker” who has this awesome blog where she tries out new recipes – sometimes they work out fine and sometimes they are just shy of disastrous. However, unlike other DIY sites, Sasha lets you see it all—warts and all, although, thankfully none of her recipes include warts.
Sasha is the mother of 17lb cat named Punk, who has been her trusted companion since Sasha was only 14 years-old. Originally from Des Moines, IA she now lives in Portland, OR where she has been kicking out this awesome blog.
We thought it would be great for you to meet someone from this new breed of DIY’ers and actually share with you four recipes that we think you will dig.
So with out further ado…


Photo via lindseyrickert