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The Face Behind The Monsters! What's Really Under The Mask!

Actors Finally Reveal Themselves!

We absolutely love these characters. Some have been known to steal scenes, steal our hearts and have become the "face" of many franchise blockbuster films. Others have been the reason why we scream at the screen or cover our eyes with fear and/or disgust.

And there are still others who have made us laugh and brought us to mystical places that no "real" character could ever bring us.

Well, underneath all that special effects make-up lays an actual the form of a living breathing human being with a face of their own.

Here are 15 iconic characters and a peek at the actors who bring this magnificent collaboration of special effects make-up and ingenious costumes to life on the big and small screen.

Ghost Face Scream 96,97,11 Dane Farwell

Here's a tease with a shot of Dane Farwell the face behind Ghostface. Photo via Pinterest