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Vape Like a Grown-Up


A VaporNation Joint

With all the heat coming down on vaporizers lately, it seems like vapers don’t have a friend on their side, but the first step towards acceptance is a change of the common association with vapers. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to vape like grown-ups.

When somebody whips out their big, fat vape in a public place, there are generally a few camps that arise, splitting public perception and the opinion of vaping. One camp firmly believes that what they are doing is wrong, possibly offensive and probably very harmful to themselves and those around them—we’ll call them squares. Then there’s the fellow vapers, while we, personally, aren’t vaping in this public place, we condone your use of the almighty vape, but also condemn your lack of discretion and display of douchiness. Finally there’s the people who are out of the loop, in awe of what is happening, uttering “What is that mystical device?” or something similar.

Members of this third camp are old, like real old. If you think you might be a part of this camp, please put your reading glasses on before you read any further. Already wearing glasses? Put on another pair.

For the old folks and uninitiated, we’ll dive into a quick primer on what a vaporizer is. In laymen’s terms, a vaporizer is an energy source, which powers an atomizer that vapes your choice of materials (e-juice, dry herb, waxy oils and concentrates). Vaporizers come in many forms, from the O.G. dry herb desktop vapes, to vape pens, all the way to modern portable vaporizers. While any of the aforementioned categories can contain offerings from price and quality points that range from chump change to Rolls money. So, what’s the difference? Essentially the quality of the vaporizer and the materials used determine the price point.

If you’ve never used a vape before, or have limited experience, you’re probably most familiar with the vape pen. The vape pen is synonymous with most people’s ideas of vaporizers. While this is certainly not a problem per se, it’s important to know that there’s so much more out there. If you want to vape like a grown up, the first step is to recognize the tools of the trade.

One of our favorite vapes currently, the AirVape Xs, embodies the qualities and elegance necessary to vape like a grown up. Crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, reserved for artisanal goods, the AirVape Xs vaporizer occupies a class all its own. Wrapped in durable, lightweight aluminum, the AirVape Xs comes in a variety of colors, subtly designed to match mobile devices from everyone’s favorite fruit company. The thinnest vape available on the market, AirVape still maintains the highest level of functionality. Form and function? Sounds like a grownup combination.

Remember how we mentioned that the difference in price point is the quality of construction and the materials used? The AirVape Xs manages to check both boxes with careful construction and materials that scream “spared no expense,” all available at a paltry $179. Nothing really says “I’m grown-up AF” quite like saving money. Speaking of financial responsibility, my newly-crowned grown-ups, the best way to make your green stretch further is to maximize the efficiency of your dry herb. Vaporizing is the most efficient and economical way to consume your dry herb or waxy oils and concentrates. The AirVape Xs vaporizer manages to milk additional efficiency out of each session.

With precise temperature controls, brilliantly displayed on the high definition screen, the AirVape Xs can ensure you squeeze every active ingredient from whatever you vape. The ceramic heating chamber ensures pure vaporization, staunchly avoiding any harmful combustion. The AirVape also has a vibrate feature, alerting you when it’s reached proper temperature, so it doesn’t vape your herbs without you hitting. In addition, the auto-shutoff feature on the AirVape Xs vaporizer ensures you don’t waste your battery and also promotes more modest consumption. Knowing when enough is enough is an oh-so-important (if not always fun) part of being a grown-up.

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Now that you’re equipped with the right tools for the job, let’s take a look at some Do’s and Don’ts to keep you vaping like a grown-up.


  • Be that guy (or gal) indiscreetly hitting a Mod or other ridiculously obvious vape in a contained space around people not down with the cause.Seriously, this is not a cloud-chasing competition; no one cares about your “chill” smoke tricks. No person should have to taste the flavor of your e-juice in their Cobb salad.
  • Talk people’s ears off about your build or rig or homemade, custom whatever-the-fuck.We get it, you dig vaping, that’s really awesome. For real, hitting the vape is sweet and all, but you don’t need to talk about it like a condescending record store employee from a ‘90s movie. No “vape bros.”
  • Assume that all vapes are the same. Not all vaporizers are the cheaply-made e-cigs that left a bad taste in early adopters’ mouths. People who have tried vaping eventually went back to analog cigarettes because they thought cigarette smoke was less dangerous. This is no bueno.
  • Chain Vape. Sure your vape is great and can go with you anywhere. It’s important to remember that just because you can vape doesn’t mean you should vape. Treat your vape with respect, you could carry a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in a water bottle and drink it all day, but you probably shouldn’t.
  • Wear vape blinders.Much like smartphones or other electronic devices, vapes can distract you from the people and things around you. Don’t let it become a nervous tick or crutch; there are things that deserve your attention. Although if you ignore this one and walk into a wall/pole/manhole while vaping, you will have made our year.
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  • Use discretion when vaping in public places.This is the largest complaint from non-vapers about those who vape, don’t be a statistic. When it comes to your vape pen, take Gandolph’s advice “keep it secret, keep it safe.” Plus there’s nothing more fun than sneaking a vape when no one can tell.
  • Be a positive vape evangelist. Answer questions people have about vaping, help beginners, even if they want a vape pen instead of your preferred box mod. Cut the machismo and vape snobbery. Vaping has a negative connotation; change people’s minds.
  • Take care of your equipment. Vaporizers require some gentle regular maintenance to keep functioning in quality condition. Take a little time to clean and care for your vape. No one wants to see you hitting a 100 watt dirt stick.
  • Exercise Moderation. You’re a grown-up now, so show it. Vaporizers like the AirVape Xs and many other modern vape pens feature auto-shutoff features to time your vape sessions. Use it when you need it, don’t when you don’t.
  • Share the love. Pass the vape, smoking and other forms of dry herb consumption have a rich history of social interaction. Portable vaporizers have the ability to session with multiple members, so take advantage. This not only adds opportunity for people to see what vaping is all about; the practice of inclusion puts a good face on the poster for vaporization. Let that good face be your generous, cloud-puffing mug.

As vaping is still in its infancy, vape etiquette will have to evolve as vape pens and other portable vaporizers continue to increase in usage and visibility. These guidelines will put you way ahead of the vape minors in terms of vaping like a grownup. Pass the word on, as a vaping grownup, take it upon yourself to shepherd the vapor herd, spread the word.

Hopefully the information contained here is helpful for both the seasoned vaper as well as the beginner looking to join the world of vaporization. While there is certainly a vibrant community of vaporization enthusiasts online, sometimes it can be hard with the wealth of information available to find reliable sources to consult. If you need further literature on the subject check out this resource section for further vape intelligence.

Disclaimer, due to current FDA regulations, we should probably allege that we cannot legally say vaping is safer then smoking (ahem). The FDA also asserts that vaping is not a viable means of smoking cessation, so legally, we would never say otherwise. Ultimately, it’s on the behalf of the consumer to stay informed and make responsible decisions, how very grown-up.

This column is part of the partnership between Inked and VaporNation.

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