VIDEO! Ear Wax Removal - Grosser Than Pimple Popping?!


Can You Hear Me Now?

I for one cannot look at the pimple popping videos, yet I can watch endless hours of tiny forceps burrowing their way deep into an ear canal and then pulling out clumps, ribbons and boulders of brown slimy earwax! Go figure!

So, if you’re like me or you’re the kind of person who enjoys both pimple popping as well as earwax removal then this next video will satisfy your earwax “fix” and have you craving for more. Videos that is, not ear wax!

Get ready for three-minutes-and-forty-five-seconds of video that will have you rooting for the extraction of an overabundant bodily secretion.

Photo via youtube

Here's The Video!

Photo via youtube